Stein Eldar Johnsen

Photo: John Arvid Johnsen
Photo: John Arvid Johnsen
  • Name: Stein Eldar Johnsen
  • Date of Birth: 07.07.1979
  • Profession: Software Engineer
  • Nationality: Norwegian
  • Languages:
    • Norwegian (native)
    • English (professional working fluency)
    • German (basic understanding and communication)


  • Software Engineer @ Zedge Europe: 15.01.2015 - current. I been mainly working on the Zedge Android application.
  • Software Engineer @ Google Zurich: 16.07.2009 - 30.09.2014. Projects varied from back-end services, web frontends, embedded device programming and mobile development. Worked on Google Alert and the YouTube TV Remote functionality.
  • Software Engineer @ Google Trondheim: 01.01.2008 - 15.07.2009. Main project was Google News, where I had responsibility for the news article extractor service and crawler. Mostly C++ autonomous services.
  • Software Engineer @ Sportradar: 01.04.2006 - 31.12.2007. Mostly working with PHP (3.0-5.0) frontend, and Java application servers, serving and updating sport statistics tables (league and score tables, cup trees etc).


  • Master of Science - Information Technology @ NTNU: 2003 - 2005, at Institutt for Datateknologi og Informasjonsvitenskap (IDI). Thesis was named “Consistent Lookup during Churn in Distributed Hash Tables”. See the accord project for details.
  • Cand Mag - Informasjonsteknologi @ NTNU: 1999 - 2003, at Institutt for Datateknologi og Informasjonsvitenskap (IDI) Equivalent to “Batchelor” degree in Information science. Focus was on databases and information retrieval.


I have worked with quite a lot of technologies up through the years. Not all of which I’m that proud of (or willing to do again). But here is a smorgasbord list:

  • Java (I’ve worked with every major version of java since JDK 1.4), though very little exposure to “traditional J2EE” style application servers. Programmed Android apps, java backends, java-based servers and servlets, GWT (java-based web programming), and dawdled with java UI programs (though never done anything significant).
  • C++ (mainly google C++ which had quite some influence of C++11). Mostly in server-side (both HTTP front-ends) and back-end application services.
  • Python (mainly 2.6 / 2.7). Programmed both small (-ish) command line programs, and contributed to large python based server architectures.
  • HTML5 / JS. Worked on everything from plain old HTML-4 web services, through “standard” Web 2.0 applications, to embedded HTML5 (mainly for TVs, but also with mobile web).
  • Objective C (iOS), mainly working on controller and networking modules for Iphone applications related to the YouTube iOS application.
  • PHP (mainly PHP 5.0 and support for PHP 3.x). Do not ask me to do anything related to PHP please!

I have worked on a lot of different clients (web, mobile web, native mobile and TVs), but I thoroughly suck at design, both interaction and “look-and-feel”. This site is a proof of that (I have not “designed” anything here, just using the default jackyll templates. Other technologies I’ve worked with:

  • VCS: git, subversion, perforce.
  • Building: XCode, Android Studio w. gradle, gcc / g++ w. Gnu Make / Bazel, Java w. Maven / Intellij.
  • Server: JSP, Jetty, PHP, and a set of in-house Google server systems for C++ and Java.